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TodayCare Children’s Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we have heard. We have attempted to give you
general information regarding what to expect in this upcoming transition. Please feel free to ask additional
questions at any time. Fell free to download the PDF for a printable version of this document.

1. Who is TodayCare Children’s Centers and how did the company get started?
TodayCare Children’s Centers opened its first center in 1999 in Nashville, TN, offering mildly ill and back
up childcare services to the families of their corporate partners. Those partners included some of the
leading corporations, law firms, accounting firms, and hospitals in the Nashville business community.
Soon, the business model expanded to offer traditional and back up childcare services in other markets,
including Birmingham AL, Memphis TN, Tampa FL, and Walnut Grove, CA. In 2016, TodayCare Children’s
Centers relocated its corporate offices to St. Louis Mo.
TodayCare Children’s Centers focuses on working with corporations and institutions in the United States,
offering worksite childcare center management and childcare solutions designed to meet the needs of
today’s working parents. With a long history of program innovation and center management, we have
worked with clients in healthcare, banking, corporate, higher education, and government.

2. When will the management transition take place?
We anticipate reopening the Center in June/July 2021. Returning staff transitions will begin prior to

3. What can my child and I expect during the transition?
Over the next several weeks, our main focus will be on getting to know each of you and learning more
about your childcare center and the level of care to which you are accustomed. We know that even positive
change can be stressful. Therefore, it is our sincere desire to be respectful of your feelings while
attempting to alleviate many of your anxieties.
During this time, we will take great care to get feedback from you and the teachers regarding your likes,
wants, and needs. We will do our best to be available to you to answer any questions that you might have.
We will provide you with a TodayCare enrollment packet to complete and return. This packet will provide
us with pertinent information about your family, as well as give you valuable information about us. We
were able to retain some of the forms that you have already filled out.

4. Will my child have the same teacher?
That is our goal. Because there may be fewer children returning when we open, not all staff will begin
working on opening day. We know that qualified teachers are the key to any great school and so we work
diligently to ensure that they feel valued for the important contribution that they make each day.
Likewise, we recognize that one of the greatest needs for young children is that of consistency. Therefore,
it is our goal to retain each teacher who desires to continue providing high quality care each day. We will
entertain any requests made by a teacher for a change to another classroom at a later date.

5. Will my tuition rate increase during the transition?
We are sensitive to the fact that tuition is a significant part of your household budget, and we take great
care to keep our rates as comparable to the local childcare market as possible, while offering a superior
quality program. There may be a slight increase in tuition because of the way we schedule children and
staff the classrooms.
Upon enrollment and annually thereafter, we assess our annual registration and materials fee of $100 per
child/$150 per family.
As a part of your enrollment packet, we will provide you with a Parental Agreement that will outline any
fees we have associated with failure to meet a policy or procedure that is outlined in that agreement.

6. How will I make payments for my tuition?
You may make tuition payments via payroll deduct and/or with ACH payments through Tuition Express
our accounting program. Tuition may be paid monthly and/or bi-weekly. Tuitions are due in advance of
the dates of service. However, we recommend for those who pay tuition monthly, you may need to pay
weekly tuition instead of monthly for a short period. If you prefer an automatic payment, we will be
happy to work with you. For the safety of the children, we do not accept cash.

7. Will the operating hours of the center change?
Not at this time. We will review the hours of operation to determine if they meet family needs.

8. How can I expect the program to change?
As a part of the transition we will evaluate any areas of the program that provide opportunities for
improvement. From the information that we gather, we will develop a plan and timetable for
implementation of any enhancements. As a company, we are extremely committed to the process of
accreditation. We view accreditation as a means of validating that we are meeting the most stringent of
national standards and as a way of assuring each of you that we consistently deliver the highest quality
program possible.

TodayCare utilizes The Creative Curriculum, published by Teaching Strategies. This award-winning
curriculum for infants through Kindergarten helps teachers build children’s confidence, creativity, and
critical thinking skills. The components are rich with ideas and practical examples for teachers to use in
their classroom experiences. Teaching Strategies has been an advocate for the early childhood education
community for over 30 years. Its curriculum packages, assessment tools, and teacher training resources
are used in many federal childcare programs – including Head Start and the Military Child Care programs
– and in numerous pre-K programs within Public School Districts. Their resources are not only research based,
but they are also research-proven and validated by independent researchers.
Over the first few weeks and months following transition, we will introduce The Creative Curriculum to our
staff via several training days and on-line tools. Parents will have opportunities to learn more about our
learning philosophy and curriculum as well.

We will also install a new management software system. This system will enable you to sign your child in
and out of the center using an App on your phone and clicking on a QR code. If there are any delays in
implementing this system, we will provide a paper sign-in/out system for a short period.
Our mission is not to change things that are working well or are adequately meeting your needs, but
rather to make additions that will positively impact the program. Each decision that we make is done with
careful consideration to how it affects the parents, the teachers, and most importantly, the children. We
will be sure to share with you all the wonderful things going on via update notes and info on the parent
bulletin boards and the Kids App.

9. Who do I go to if I have a question or concern?
During the transition, you may continue to address your questions about the daily operations of the
school to the Director just as you did before the announcement of the transition. However, we know that
you will also have questions about the future operations of the school. As we begin this process of
partnering together, we welcome your questions as an opportunity to share with you our passion, vision,
and commitment to doing the right things for kids. Judy Simpson, Pres/COO, will be your main contact. If
you have additional questions, you are invited to e-mail at:,

There are several policies that we have changed while addressing the current COVID19 pandemic
and recommended safe practices for children and staff. A copy of both the Parent Handbook and
the COVID19 Addendum to the handbook are available at the Center. They are also available on
the Center’s website –

Thank you in advance for this opportunity to partner with you at such a special time in the life of
your family. We know how precious your child is and feel honored to be entrusted with providing
for his/her care and education. We welcome this chance to be a part of your family and want to
extend a warm welcome to you as you join our TodayCare family.


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